Terms of Service


1. Agreement to the conditions of use

The user of our portal (hereinafter “haklab.net”) shall read carefully the following terms of use before visiting or using our webpages and services. In case of disagreement they shall not use them, otherwise it will be presumed that they agree with them and that they grant their consent

These terms of use can be reviewed and up-dated at any moment and without previous warning by the company managing “haklab.net”, Haklab Ltd, with a registered office address at _____________________________, Reg No. _________________ hereinafter “Haklab Ltd”. You are kindly asked to check at regular intervals the terms of use. The use of “haklab.net” confers a presumption that the user has read, understood and accepted all the conditions of it.

All the terms of use mentioned below apply to all of the content of the portal as well as to everything included in the webpages of “haklab.net”. In case of disagreement with the terms of use, the user shall not use the services and the content of the portal.

2. Intellectual and industrial property rights

All of the content of our portal, including for example texts, news, graphics, photographs, drawings, representations, services provided and in general, archives of every kind is subject of intellectual property that belongs to Haklab Ltd and is governed by the national and international copyright law- with the exception of explicitly recognized rights-. Therefore, any reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, adoption, programme, execution, download, translation, modification by any means, partly or totally are explicitly prohibited without the prior written consent of Haklab Ltd.

Everything else included in “haklab.net” and considered as trade mark or product of intellectual property of third persons is within their sphere of responsibility and does not in any way relate to our portal.

For any question relating to the reproduction rights of any part of “haklab.net”, as well as for applications for authorization regarding reproduction of content, please contact us under info@haklab.net

3. Visitor’s / member’s obligations

The user of “haklab.net” should not only comply with the provisions of National, European and International legislation and the law that governs the telecommunications, but also abstain from any unlawful, inappropriate and abusive use of the content and the provided services of our portal. Furthermore, the user is required to behave properly, kindly and with discretion during visiting and using our webpage, whereas the adoption of unfair competition practices or other which are contrary to NETIQUETTE (http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html – Code of Conduct for Internet users) are strictly forbidden.

Whatever damage may be caused by the user to our portal or the Network in general due to misuse and/or inappropriate use of the services concerned belongs to the exclusive responsibility of them.

The user agrees that he will not publish any solution of the “CTF” or “challenges” included in “haklab.net”

4. CTF and Challenges uploaded by users

Users may upload their own “CTF” or “challenge” on haklab.net for other users to practice in penetration / security testing but only with the previous permission of Haklab and under the following conditions:

  • For the first six months, the user/creator of the “machine” – grants Haklab exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “machine”.
  • During the first six months, the creator cannot upload the “machine” to another site or publish anywhere the “solution” of the “machine”.
  • After the period of six months the user/creator of the “machine” – grants Haklab non-exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “machine”.
  • The name of the user/creator of the “machine” – will be visible on the “machine”, unless otherwise agreed.
  • The user/creator cannot publish anywhere the “solution” of the “challenge”.
  • The user/creator of the “challenge” – grants Haklab non-exclusive rights of use and distribution of the “challenge”.
  • The name of the user/creator of the “challenge” – will be visible on the “challenge”, unless otherwise agreed.

4. Limitation of liability of the Network

The content of the website is made available as it stands and Haklab Ltd does not provide any guarantee, explicit or no, on the technical quality, soundness, timeliness, commercial potential, appropriateness of its content related to every use, application or purpose.

Additionally, Haklab Ltd does not guarantee that the webpages, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, errors, or that every single error will be corrected and that all the questions submitted will be answered.

Furthermore, it does not guarantee that the webpage or any other associated website or servers, through which the content is made available to the users, are provided without any “virus” or harmful component. The user’s entry to the “closed network” – (“HL Network”) shall be performed under the sole responsibility of them. The cost of any possible corrections or services is undertaken by the user and in no case by Haklab Ltd.

Anything provided to the users through our website shall not be regarded in any way, directly or indirectly, as stimulation, advice or instigation to commitment of any unlawful action. All the publications or services provided have a clear educational purpose, upgrade user’s skills in penetration/security testing. Every user / member acts based upon their private will, excluding any responsibility of our portal.

Haklab Ltd, under no circumstances, including the case of negligence, shall be held responsible for any kind of damage, which the user of the webpages and services may be suffer given that they access both on their own initiative and with knowledge of these terms.

5. Links to other sites

“haklab.net” may provide the possibility of access to websites of third parties through appropriate web-links, while the websites referred to, subject to their own corresponding terms of use.

The placing of these links does not indicate approval or acceptance of the content of the corresponding websites by Haklab Ltd, which is not responsible for their content and services, neither for their protection of confidentiality practices or the accuracy of the materials provided by them. In addition, it does not guarantee their availability.

If the user of “haklab.net” through its links decides to use any of the websites of third parties, he accepts doing it, under his own responsibility.

Problems, which may arise during the visit or the use of the portals, which we refer to, is subject exclusively to the sphere of responsibility of these sites. For these problems, user should address to the corresponding portal. The reference to other portals is made in order to facilitate our users and under no circumstances it gives rise to obligations of any kind for anyone.

6. Protection of Personal Data

The handling and the protection of the user’s personal data of “haklab.net” is subject to the terms of this Communication, as well as to the provisions of national, European and international law regarding the protection against the processing of personal data, as applicable at any given moment.

Any possible future arrangement will be subject to this Communication. In any case Haklab Ltd maintains the right to re-adapt requirements for protection of personal data, always in accordance with the existing legislative framework.

Therefore, these conditions of protection of personal data can be reviewed and up-dated at any moment without previous warning. The users of “hackthebox.eu” are kindly asked to check at regular intervals the terms of use of any changes, given that the continuous use of “haklab.net” confers a presumption that the user has read, understand and accepted all the possible modifications of it.

Haklab Ltd collects personal information of the users of “haklab.net”, only if they provide them intentionally and with a view of acquiring an account code and a password in order to use and to access some services like forums, blogs etc , or classified information according to the user’s status etc.

As personal data is considered the information that can be used to identify a person, to contact them and/ or to obtain further information about them.

Haklab Ltd will not provide personal information for sale, or transmit, or make public personal data of the visitors/ users to third parties, which are not connected to us, without the consent of the user, with the exception of the implementation of legal impositions and only to the competent authorities.

Haklab Ltd may process part or all of the information provided by the visitors/ users for statistical purposes and/ or in order to improve its services and information.

The user can contact Haklab Ltd, in order to crosscheck the existence of any personal archive, the correction, modification or erasure of it by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: info@haklab.net

Haklab Ltd may collect information on the identification of the users of “haklab.net”, using corresponding technology, like cookies and/ or by monitoring Internet Protocol addresses (IP). You can get analytical information about the cookies on www.allaboutcookies.org. In case that the user does not wish the use of cookies, they can exclude their creation adjusting the arrangements of their browser.

It is possible that this webpage contains links to other websites, which are under the responsibility of third parties (persons or legal entities). Under no circumstances Haklab Ltd is responsible for the data protection, which the third parties adopt and apply.

7. Compensation

It is explicitly agreed hereby that in case of an action/application or claim, administrative or judicial, being brought against our portal deriving from infringements committed by the user, the user undertakes on the one hand to intervene to the legal procedure, assuming their responsibility, and on the other hand to compensate the operator of our portal in case they are obliged to compensate or to pay any other expenditure.

8.Applicable Law and other Terms.

The above terms and conditions of use of “haklab.net”, as well as any modification or change are governed by the national law, the European law and the relevant international conventions. Any provision of the terms mentioned above which is contrary to the legislative framework or has been outdated, will be assumed as inoperative automatically and it shall be removed from the present document without affecting the force of the remaining terms.

This document constitutes comprehensive Agreement between Haklab Ltd and the User of its services and it commits only them. No modification will be taken under consideration and will be regarded as part of it unless it has been laid out and incorporated into it.

Hereby it is explicitly agreed that the disputes which may arise from the implementation of the present terms and in general from the use of “haklab.net” by its user in case of no amicable solution, are governed by the Hellenic Law and fall within the jurisdiction of the Courts of Piraeus.

9. Contact

If you wish to communicate with Haklab Ltd, please contact us by sending an e-mail to the following address “info@haklab.net”. Furthermore, if you have noted any kind of problems in the content of the node related with legal or moral issues, in particular regarding the reproduction and the use of intellectual property rights, you are kindly asked to let us know under the e-mail address legal@haklab.net.