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Installing and Basic Overview of Kali linux


VMWare – or Virtual Box –
Kali Install Directions –
Kali Downloads –
Kali Repositories –
Metasploitable 2 –
Microsoft Evaluation Software –

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Introduction of Kali Linux

Lets don’t bother about the formal introduction of

  1. What is hacking ?
  2. What are the skills and programming languages required for a hacker ?
  3.  And finally the types of hackers and Hacking Techniques

Many of you are familiar with all of these and these will not update on regular basis, and you can find a more detailed information by Googling and watching some  videos in Youtube.

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vulnerabilty scanning
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Scan for Vulnerabilities – Vulnerability Scanning

Scan for Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability scanning identifies vulnerabilities and weaknesses of a system and network in order to determine how a system can be exploited

In the previous post, we studied and gathered information about Banner Grabbing Technique and how to prevent our web server from being attacked by Hackers.

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Banner Grabbing Technique and How to prevent your web-server – Network Scanning

Banner Grabbing

Banner grabbing or OS fingerprinting is a method to determine the operating system running on a remote target system. Banner grabbing is important for hacking as it provides you with a greater probability of success in hacking. This is because most of the vulnerabilities are OS specific. Therefore, if you know the OS running on the target system, you can hack the system by exploiting the vulnerabilities specific to that operating system.

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Check for open ports – Part 1

So far we discussed how to check for live systems. Open ports are the doorways for an attacker to launch attacks on systems. Now we will discuss scanning for open ports.

In this topic, we are going to cover the three-way handshake, scanning IPv6 networks, and various scanning techniques such as FIN scan, SYN scan, and so on.

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Network Scanning

Overview on Network Scanning

As we already discussed, footprinting is the first phase of hacking in which the attacker gains information about a potential target. Footprinting alone is not enough for hacking because here you will gather only the primary information about the target. You can use primary information in the next phase to gather much more details about the target. The process of gathering additional details about the target using highly complex and aggressive reconnaissance techniques is called scanning.The idea is to discover exploitable

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How to secure your company from getting Hacked – Footprinting Countermeasures

We already discussed the footprinting concepts and footprinting methodologies, those are some ways attacker go through for finding sensitive data without your knowledge.

To prevent such actions here are some list of precautions that every company or organization should take care of.

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Footprinting Methodology

This is the 2 part of the concept Footprinting.

Footprinting methodologies are as follows

  1. Footprinting through search engines
  2. Footprinting Using Advanced Google Hacking Techniques
  3. Footprinting through social networking sites
  4. Website footprinting
  5. Email Footprinting
  6. Competitive Intelligence
  7. WHOIS Footprinting
  8. DNS Footprinting
  9. Network Footprinting
  10. Footprinting Through Social Engineering

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