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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
"Hacking to me was like a game. I just kept going on and on, despite all the trouble I was getting into, because I was hooked"
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The workshops and seminars on Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Investigations are constantly delivered by Team Haklab throughout the country. Team Haklab has a unique way of delivering these symposiums which consists of loads of real life case studies; LIVE Hacking and hands on training while playing with hacking tools and techniques that are used by the real attackers.

These Ethical Hacking workshops and seminars will expose you to how hackers operate and gain access to computer resources and present detailed illustrated hacking methodologies to defense community.

Workshops will be conducted by certified Haklab Professionals. 

Online Tutorials from Basic to Advanced Learning

Online Tutorials

Gain the ability to do EthicalHacking and PenetrationTesting by following our Tutorials! Get answers from an experienced IT expert to every single question you have related to the learning you do in this Tutorials including installing Kali Linux, using Virtual Box, basics of Linux, Tor, Proxy chains, VPN, Mac-changer, N map, cracking WiFi, air-crack, DoS attacks, SSL strip, known vulnerabilities, SQL injections, cracking Linux passwords, and more topics that are added every month!

Cyber Security

Not just training  your Network admin and Students, Haklab also provide you great security from outer world and make your network clean and private. After a through check of your network by our Bounty Team we will provide you a report of vulnerabilities & necessary chances to be done.

We make your company and Institute secure and Necessary techniques to use your network effective. 

Secure your Network from cyber threats with our Help

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